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Wyrd Wolf™

A little intro

Wyrd Wolf, as a trademark, covers many aspects of interest in the community.


Chaplaincy - we are here to provide Chaplains across the country.

- Accredited courses completed:

- BA Hons in Theology and         Religious Studies.

- Advanced Wicca Diploma

- Ancient Magic Diploma

- Wicca Diploma

- Druidism Diploma

- Rune Divination

- Tarot Divination



Novels - already published and many more to come, the manuscripts designed to approach Horror and Fantasy from the perspective of his own Theological background. Prepare to be drawn into the Wyrd and the wonderful.


Paranormal and the Wyrd - aside from a vast history of ghost hunting, paranormal investigation and even a stay over in Britain and America's most Haunted House, we are always on the lookout for new ideas and new stories to tell and possibly publish. Please get in touch if you know of anything which might intrigue us here.


Eric Schoch has a degree in Religious Studies and Theology from Leeds University, along with Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies from Liverpool Hope University.

He has worked inside Prisons with the PaganFederation as a Chaplain, having completed accredited courses in:

 - Ancient Magic

 - Rune Divination

 - Tarot

 - Druidry

 - Advanced Wicca

 - Vampirology

Alongside this, he has performed several small ceremonies from Handfasting and Funeral Celebrations.

There is no set price for any ceremony and therefore would be on a varied basis depending on what is needed, but this is always more of a donation for us and never an expensive endeavour.

What we do:

FUNERAL  - serving the living and the dead.


HANDFASTING - a blessing of union between partners, and although not legally binding in the UK, provides the touch needed for many before legally signing a register.

BLESSINGS – a formal ceremony of Cleansing a new home, a rite of passage, and even a journey through illness.

As a group we have attended many seminars ranging from Modern Day Exorcisms in Rome, Psychology in Religion and taking part in several groups studying Paranormal Events in Britain, including a weekend in 30 East Drive. If there appears to be something a little out of the ordinary, we are sure we have the experience necessary to help.

Member of Pagan Federation

England and Wales

Charter Member of The Asatru Community

Member and Bard of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

Wyrd Wolf™

Horror and Fantasy Writer,
Chaplain and Gothi

On this site, we will be showcasing our authors latest words, along with any upcoming events related to the work we do in the community.

Registered for Chaplaincy / Handfasting and much more.

Well versed in Paganism, all forms of Christianity and even delves into the occult.

If you wish to know more, feel free to scroll, or simply message us - we are (pardon the pun) - open books.

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'And now I am to sleep, the restless dreams of the dead..

and the damned.'

- Henry James Oldecroft, Under the Mountain of God

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As an Author

Eric Schoch

Official Website of Wyrd Wolf™


The Unhallowing

-The Devil at the Hour
-The Unhallowing: Harrowed
- From Beneath the Waves it Writhes
-Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt)
-The Unhallowing: Blackfoot

Dark tales, twisted tides and shadowed crypts. Each story is set across a period of history, yet all connect in one way - misadventure.
You will meet wolf, devil, demon, ghoul and abominations never before read about until now.
May God protect you on this journey.

'Prepare your soul.'

The Unhallowing II

  - The Unhallowing: Isbryder

 - Wolfsbane

 - Promethean Lights

 - The Red Pilgrim and the Flaming Sword

 - Bygones

 - Canis Infernum

 - The Unhallowing: GOAT

 - They Came to Eat the Dead

 - The Unhallowing: Inferus

 - Voyage of the Corvinus

The second collection of harrowing and horrifying tales that takes a twisted turn through our history. Delve into the minds of the macabre, the morbid and the mad.

'You are not prepared.' 

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Grim’s Door

Old Grim – or Grimnir – comes from a time long before even Christianity had been born. Through all these years his kin have slowly faded into memory and even the gods which once sat with him in his halls are now lost. His last hope was to spend his remaining years creating a world all of his own. The world of Altheim. Yet there is something missing. An ancient prophecy in which blood of his own line must rule, lest Altheim descend into chaos – the ripples of which will bring about the Twilight of the Gods themselves.

The carnival comes every year, but in 1929, it brought something new.  Beatrix finds that the price of admission, having your fortune told, may be too high of a price.

GrimsDoor Cover - Eric Schoch.jpg

The young lad, whose face was riddled with hideous boils and pus-filled pocks of his age, looked positively beaming as he received the King’s own handwritten manuscript. He unwrapped the leather and scrunched his eyes, trying to make out the word on the front cover:

‘Dae… mono… logie.’

‘Don’t smile boy,’ Edward scolded him, ‘I can see your rotting teeth.’

 - The Unhallowing II, The Unhallowing


Architect's Trilogy

Grim's Door / The Wild Hunt /

Under the Mountain of God

The novels due to be realeased January of 2021/22/23 respectively.


It was primeval. Primordial. Primitive. The old-chimp-brain working overtime to try and convince itself it was safe by the fire. That those were not the eyes of demons in the jungle. In the night.

- The Devil at the Hour, The Unhallowing

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